Do you travel outside of the Eugene area?

Yes! We travel all over the state of Oregon, and have even done weddings as far away as Seattle. We will go where ever you need us to go, with reasonable travel fees.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. We ask for a 1/3 deposit for all events, along with a signed contract. This protects all parties. This is fully refundable deposit up until 90 days prior to your event.

When is the balance due?

We don’t ask for the remainder of the balance until the day of your event. Although some couples and clients choose to pay the balance in advance, we will never ask you about it until the end of your event.

Will I meet my DJ before the event?

Yes! With the exception of rare occasions, you will always meet or talk to your DJ before your event. Part of our success is working with our clients to create a custom event specific to you and your guests. The only way to ensure that is by working with you one on one.

What happens when we have reached the end of our contract time, but the party is still going?

Don’t worry! Your DJ is ready, willing and able to keep your party going for you as long as you want! Just pay the additional hourly fee associated with your style of event.

What happens if the party ends before our contract time?

Sometimes we over-anticipate how long a party will last. Unfortunately, in a situation like this, you are still obligated to pay the contracted amount. However, to avoid situations like this, we suggest contracting the smallest package of time. Our overtime rates are the same whether you book it in advance or add it that day!